SpecTIR Hyperspectral Airborne Rochester Experiment (SHARE)

HSI Image over RIT Campus captured by SpecTIR, LLC.


In July 2010, the Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing (DIRS) Laboratory conducted a data colleciton campaign to collect coincident multi-modal imagery data. With the help of SpecTIR, LLC, Kucera International, and a host of people, the SpecTIR Hyperspectral Airborne Rochester Experiment (SHARE) was conducted. This campaign collected imagery using an airborne hyperspectral imager, a laser detection and ranging (LiDAR), and a high resolution multi-spectral imaging system over the Rochester, New York, area July 26 - 29, 2010. The data collected supported of nine simultaneous unique experiments, several of which leveraged data from multi-modalities. In addition to supporting the nine detailed experiments conducted, the impetus for the data collection campaign was to provide a multi-modal data package which would be a resource for additional uni- and multi-modal phenomenology studies. The sites for data collection included the Genesee River, a portion of the city of Rochester which is included as part of the Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing Image Generation (DIRSIG) Mega Scene 1, and the RIT campus itself. As such, open water, wetlands, and urban environments are included in the data set. More detailed information about the data collected, and the experiments previously conducted can be found in the documentation below.

The data hosted here are meant to be a community sharable resource, freely downloadable, for use in scientific inquiry. We would like to know where and how the data are being used. If this is your first time to the SHARE data website, please share with us your email address and a short description of how you will be using the data or what problem you are hoping this data will help you solve before accessing the data:


We would like to thank SpecTIR, LLC, for their generous support in collecting the airborne hyperspectral imagery.


We hope you find this resource useful in your own studies. If you use any of the data from this set, please include the following reference in your publications:

J. A. Herweg, J. P. Kerekes, O. Weatherbee, D. Messinger, J. van Aardt, E. J. Ientilucci, Z. Ninkov, J. Faulring, Nina Raqueño, and J. Meola,"SpecTIR Hyperspectral Airborne Rochester Experiment Data Collection Campaign," Proc. SPIE 8390 (2012)

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